Ruste Juxx - Adamantine (2010)

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Ruste Juxx - Adamantine lyrics

The tricky thing about Adamantine man is that
If you ever manage to process that .. liquid form
You got to keep it that way, keep it hot,
Because once the metal cools it’s indestructible.

Clear the mother fucker stage,
Ruste Juxx, Brooklyn in this bitch, stayin’ the fuckup
Yeah, kill the all town, and kill me.

I don’t know how you think you got ..,
Should you’ve killed yourself to save this town
Take a long walk on a short ..
Then you kill’em with a really war ..
Talking like I’m taking war ..
I’m …that episode
Any week, every morn’, for year’
… I’m a ball ..
… never squeeze the….
… from state to state …
Cut it up films from take to take
Break to break, goes to show
I do this show to give my … and flow
Ship fires like a clock 18
Two drums on my head all thing

…Kick the nast thing
…dirty demolition.

Quit, quit quit, …
Quit, quit quit, …

When we’re going get ruffed
And ruff take money
See law … crack, crack yummy
You .. check ..
Smashed been glad
More fuckers …
… that gun ..
See them all ..
So who the victim ..
Slashing…any competitor
I do it on the regular

I washed them up …
beat’em to a .., put them in critical
You not live with … so pitiful
Just so…and I’m minivan
I step one stage and all crowd did

Quit, quit quit, …
Quit, quit quit, …
Cool’em up.
Quit, quit quit, …
Quit, quit quit, …
Cool’em up.