Running From Dharma - After The Fall lyrics

Where then
Will I be
After summer's end?
Choices both we made
Leaving here defenseless

And I like to believe that I'm okay
Pretending that part of me still here
When every time the season starts to change
Will you think of me?

Solstice disengaged
For your temperature
One last forced embrace
Onward to the endgame

And I like to make believe that I'm okay
When everything around me falls apart
When every time the season starts to change
When every time your picture stares right through my own facade

I know that
This winter is taking all damn night yeah
These questions unanswered everything again
We both know this moment won't be wasted
Tomorrow won't matter!

If time stood still
Just long enough
To hold a breath
It'd take all our senses
To recognize and take this all in
The security
To let go

Make December just last one day
Live for moments without fear
Let it inside full of grace
Make the winter disappear