Run Level Zero - Under The Gun lyrics

Nowhere to hide, the ink has dried
You agreed to the covenant
No time for fear, you signed
Now death is a ride away

Reach the sky, clad in steel
You're going down in flames
You'll get your name on a tag
Last sleep in a plastic bag

Take action, launch the mission
Join the party of the imbecile
Raise your fist for law and order
The mind suffocates under your gun

Oh so righteous, religious asshole
The system's going down
You fucking hicks, waving flags
Fear of freedom, burning books

There's no god above man
Fool the masses into ignorance
Cannibalize on their minds
Grow fat on their innocence

Forced to follow right hand path
No alternatives, there's no free will
Fatalist, no ambition
Watching the world go by

Breaking free from our bondage
Realize that we're ruled by the weak
Revolution, upcoming battle
You see, you are fighting yourself