Run Level Zero - Generic Warmth lyrics

The void in me / I filled with synthesized dreams
Surrended by people / who knew my needs
But when I met you / my hunger stopped
All my problems / trimmed and cropped

I couldn't stop you / I feel so low
A new hedonism / shoot it up and let go
You are the perfect drug / your bodywarmth
The perfect fix / now undress and let go

You were the only one / I ever wanted
Now I'm on the floor / wrecked and haunted
I cure myself / I revive myself
I hit myself / to prove oneself
Drift aimlessly / filled up with grief
All falls apart / in disbelief

Now I bought my dreams back / sedated again
A little something / to keep me sane
But I know / there's another cure
A perfect drug / and that's a fix of you