Rular Rah - Johnny lyrics

[Intro: Rular Ruh]
Uh-huh, Rular Rah, hundred bars
It's a warning, for real, come on
I'm in this right now... it doesn't matter
What neighborhood...

[Chorus: sample]
Johnny didn't run, Johnny got his gun
Just like everyone, in the name of God
Ahhhhh, and Johnny didn't run...

[Rular Rah]
When I pop the trunk, that means that I'm ready to dump
With some AK hollows that'll cherish you chumps
You better give up, floating in the Hudson River
I got a real itchy finger and it loves the trigger
Don't get it twisted, this is no motion picture
Make your dreams go away with your hopes and wishes
I rose the gold, paper in the triple digits
And I stand real tall, y'all think small as midgets
I warned you dicks, Rular rep the east and west
And got goons on my payroll that'll eat your chest
I breathe respect, I told you this was dangerous
And the well known fact, you can't fuck with us
So turn me up...


[Rular Rah]
Around here, it ain't nothing sweet
And I'mma let you know a couple of things, don't fuck with me
Big screen so the trucks can see, just luxury
So don't make things u-g-ly
I bust heat for the code of the streets, I'm cold as can be
And pack a mack eleven pound of weed
Breathe deep or get put to sleep, I'm playing for keeps
You suckers yap but what y'all talk is cheap
Bitch nigga, get up off of me, I'm just released
So give me room while I cock and squeeze
Splat ya brain like pasta cheese, straight Ruckerway, Queens
The ambulance'll cut you out of your jeans
The doctors returning all of your things, no heart, no pulse
Use your brains, when you're fucking with me
The doctors return all of your things
No heart, no pulse, use your brains, when you fucking with me, nigga


[Rular Rah]
It's a reason why I talk like this, the way I dress
The way I look, stay focused, and I walk like this
I'm from a place where dreams don't exist
Everyday a new crime, a new body scratched off the list
This ain't love, this the way life is, it ain't the kids
It's the guns and the drugs that make life like this
The state we living is so priceless
I can't go to the park and play ball, because my moms is sick
I got a hit to lick, I'm tired of this shit
Same clothes, no food, it ain't fair, I thought my pop dukes cared
At twelve, I was considered a man
I gotta do anything to make a meal, I gotta think of a plan
It's like my feet would just sink in the sand
I'm on the streets everyday, try'nna make it, asking God for a chance
But on a mission, I gotta walk like a man
I was born by myself, so I guess I gotta go like I came, Johnny

[Chorus x4]