Ruff Ryders - World War III (feat. Yung Wun, Snoop Dogg, Scarface & Jadakiss) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders
, Ryde or Die Volume 2 (Tugboats)
, It's the second time around...

Ruff Ryders - World War III (feat. Yung Wun, Snoop Dogg, Scarface & Jadakiss) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders
ZH: Ruff Ryders,Ruff Ryders

EN: Ryde or Die Volume 2 (Tugboats)
ZH: 赖德或模卷 2 (拖船)

EN: It's the second time around motherfucker
ZH: 它是第二次周围娘

EN: Volume 2 Ryde or Die Biatch
ZH: 第 2 卷赖德或模 Biatch

EN: Gangsta Nigga and we gone rock this motherfucker
ZH: 黑帮爱和我们去岩石情诗

EN: We the square root of the motherfucking street
ZH: 我们的街道的一个混帐平方根

EN: Double R you cocksucking sons of bitches
ZH: 双 R 你他妈的 cocksucking

EN: [Swizz Beatz ,Snoop Dogg]
ZH: [Swizz Beatz,Snoop Dogg]

EN: Swizz: State yo name gangsta
ZH: Swizz: 国家哟名称帮派

EN: Snoop: Big Snoop Dogg
ZH: Snoop: 大 Snoop Dogg

EN: Swizz: Where you representing
ZH: Swizz: 凡你代表

EN: Snoop: Westcoast
ZH: 史努比: 海岸

EN: Swizz: Yo gone hold it down
ZH: Swizz: 哟去按住不放

EN: Snoop: Please believe it nigga
ZH: Snoop: 请相信它著

EN: Swizz: Enough said then nigga Hold on Hold up Biatch
ZH: Swizz: 够说那么爱举行 Biatch 套牢

EN: [Snoop Dogg]
ZH: [Snoop] Dogg

EN: Uh, lets make this official
ZH: 嗯,让我们使这官方

EN: shine yo boots and load yo pistol
ZH: 闪耀哟靴子和负载哟手枪

EN: pull out yo best credentals cause this will
ZH: 拉出哟最佳 credentals 导致这种意愿

EN: be the official for the fake tissue
ZH: 将正式为假的组织

EN: Doggy Dogg and Big Swissal, nigga blow the whistle
ZH: 狗 Dogg 和大 Swissal,爱吹口哨

EN: Smoking on some bomebee to second hand smoke
ZH: 吸烟吸二手烟对一些 bomebee

EN: Will get you, hit you, and make you all get the picture
ZH: 将你的、 打你,和使你所有获取图片

EN: When was the last time you seen me
ZH: 当最后一次是你见过我

EN: postin up while ?oastin up, while sippin on some remix
ZH: 同时紧紧紧紧张不对了? 虽然身在一些混搭上了,oastin

EN: Believe me it ain't easy been Diese
ZH: 相信我它并不是容易被 Diese

EN: wit these jealous rap niggas and these punk ass frizes
ZH: 机智这些嫉妒 rap 黑鬼和这些朋克屁股 frizes

EN: Man I can remember at what they told me
ZH: 我还记得在他们告诉我的男人

EN: when I first came in the game thangs done changed
ZH: 当我第一次做的游戏说话已更改

EN: Call it what you wanna, keep it on her
ZH: 叫它什么你想做,保持它对她

EN: Eastcoast, Long Beach, California spinning like a toner
ZH: 知这汉子,长滩,加州纺像碳粉

EN: Banging on the corner, hot like a sauna
ZH: 砰砰砰打角落,像桑拿热

EN: Get the best of you then ? to California
ZH: 然后得到最佳的你吗?到加州

EN: [Swiss Beatz,Yung Wun]
ZH: [瑞士 Beatz,永浣]

EN: Swizz:State yo name yungsta
ZH: Swizz:State 哟名称 yungsta

EN: Yung: Yung Wun
ZH: 容: 容浣

EN: Swizz:Where you representing
ZH: Swizz:Where 你代表

EN: Yung: ATL shorty
ZH: 容: ATL 小子

EN: Swizz:You gone hold it down
ZH: Swizz: 你离去了按住不放

EN: Yung: Damn, right
ZH: 容: 妈的权

EN: Swizz:Enough said then
ZH: Swizz: 然后说够

EN: Yung: Nigga
ZH: 容: 爱

EN: Swizz:Lets go
ZH: Swizz:Lets 去

EN: [Yung Wun]
ZH: [永浣]

EN: Shorty pop a lot, acting like you got a lot
ZH: 小子流行很多,好象你很有

EN: wit all that fake ice on his watch, this nigga wanna get got
ZH: 机智的所有假冰上他的手表、 想懂我爱我的

EN: Coming to my city wit all that hot shit and his fake ass clit
ZH: 来到我市才智所有的热狗屎和他假屁股克利特

EN: I'm a put something in him and bust his wig, I'm on some thugged out shit
ZH: 我是放在他的东西,打破他的假发,我在一些哪都狗屎

EN: You better be strapped boy, how you love that boy, act boy
ZH: 你最好就是捆绑的男孩,你爱那个男孩,男孩法如何

EN: I'm gone break yo back boy, wit a bat boy, where you at boy
ZH: 我离开休息哟回男孩,机智的蝙蝠男孩,那里你看孩子

EN: Hold up I'm cold hearted, damn right I get retarded
ZH: 举起我冷我心肠,该死的我是获取智力迟钝的权利

EN: I'm a yung-on and down here bitch I'm the hardest
ZH: 我是永上和下来这里婊子我是最

EN: You can hoot, hide and talk that shit
ZH: 您可以起哄、 隐藏和说话的屎

EN: I'm gone stay low and keep it real and shorty come up
ZH: 我走了的留低和保持它真正和缺货上来

EN: But when I bite you gone feel that there, it's real down here
ZH: 但当我咬你去了那里感觉到,它在这里是真正向下

EN: Watch you mouth boy, you might get killed down here
ZH: 看看你的嘴巴的男孩,你可能得到杀下来

EN: I'm a ryde or die nigga, put something in yo eye nigga
ZH: 我是赖德或模著,把东西哟眼著

EN: Get beside yourself and it's bye bye nigga
ZH: 获取在自己和它的 bye bye 著旁边

EN: When it come to glock cocking and drop popping
ZH: 当它来到了格洛克炊事用和滴爆裂声

EN: I'm the first to hit the block and go to war wit the cops fuck nigga
ZH: 我是第一次命中块并转到战争机智警察他妈的著

EN: [Swiss Beatz, Scarface]
ZH: [瑞士 Beatz,蚂蚁]

EN: Swizz: State yo name gangsta
ZH: Swizz: 国家哟名称帮派

EN: Scarface:Scarface
ZH: Scarface:Scarface

EN: Swizz: Where you representing
ZH: Swizz: 凡你代表

EN: Scarface:Motherfucking southside
ZH: Scarface:Motherfucking 绍斯赛德

EN: Swizz: You gone hold it down
ZH: Swizz: 你离去了按住不放

EN: Scarface:Goddamn right
ZH: Scarface:Goddamn 权

EN: Swizz: Enough said then nigga
ZH: Swizz: 够然后说爱

EN: [Scarface]
ZH: [蚂蚁]

EN: Holly hos, Scarface an?
ZH: 霍利居,失恋的主角吗?

EN: Bringing terror wit this beretta, I clutch in my palm
ZH: 把恐怖 wit 此 beretta,离合器在我的手心

EN: I'm scaring motherfuckers straight wit my
ZH: 我是吓这些混蛋直机智我

EN: Guerilla tactics guranteeing my enemy die
ZH: 游击队战术向我的敌人死

EN: It's worldwide army alert for all soliders
ZH: 它是全世界军队警报的所有司令员

EN: Either you Ruff Ryde, Ryde Ruff, or roll over
ZH: 你勇敢一点、 赖德 Ruff 或对辊

EN: It's a stick up, down on yo knees, plus I'm sicker
ZH: 它是一根棍子,下来上哟的膝盖,再加上我是虚弱

EN: Cause disrepected, you dont disrespect me nigga
ZH: 导致 disrepected,你不能不尊重我爱

EN: I'm the one these niggas call on when negotiations are halting
ZH: 我是一个谈判制止时呼吁这些黑鬼

EN: and time come for the beating up the bosses
ZH: 和老板向上跳动的时候

EN: Make them an offer that can't refuse, they don't comply
ZH: 使他们无法拒绝的提议,他们不能遵守

EN: when I walk out they stank these fools
ZH: 当我走出他们得难闻极这些傻子

EN: I guess these niggas think they can't be moved
ZH: 我猜这些黑鬼觉得它们无法移动

EN: Realizing they don't scare niggas like they thank they do
ZH: 实现像他们感谢他们,他们不要吓唬黑鬼做

EN: You fuck wit me, I gots to fuck wit you
ZH: 你他妈的机智我、 我他妈的更机智你

EN: World War 3 motherfucker, I thought you knew
ZH: 世界战争 3 娘,我以为你知道

EN: [Swiss Beatz, Jadakiss]
ZH: [瑞士 Beatz、 Jadakiss]

EN: Swizz:State yo name gangsta
ZH: Swizz:State 哟名称帮派

EN: Jada: Jadakiss nigga
ZH: Jada: Jadakiss 著

EN: Swizz:Where you representing
ZH: Swizz:Where 你代表

EN: Jada: East Coast dog
ZH: Jada: 东海岸狗

EN: Swizz:You gone hold it down
ZH: Swizz: 你离去了按住不放

EN: Jada: Why wouldn't I
ZH: Jada: 为什么不给

EN: Swizz:Enough said then nigga
ZH: Swizz: 然后说著的足够

EN: Jada: Let's go
ZH: Jada: 让我们去

EN: [Jadakiss]
ZH: [] Jadakiss

EN: If you fuckin wit the kiss you ain't gone breathe
ZH: 如果你不是去你心有机智的吻呼吸

EN: the only time I lick in the air is New Year's Eve
ZH: 我舔在空气中的时间只是除夕

EN: Sonny from Bronstail you can't leave
ZH: 你不能离开的 Bronstail 从桑尼

EN: get kissed on yo cheek then you meant to die
ZH: 获取上吻了哟脸颊然后您是要死去

EN: Cause when the gun start poppin then my temperature rise
ZH: 当枪开始然后 poppin 我温度升高的原因

EN: yo know my style 20 niggas wit 40 Cals
ZH: 哟知道样式 20 风飞机智 40 Cal

EN: Nine years ago you was hollering shorty wild
ZH: 九年前你船帮缺货野生

EN: Now I'm in the rap game twisting these hunnies out
ZH: 现在我在 rap 游戏中捻出这些 hunnies

EN: Never left the crack game still on a money route
ZH: 从来没有离开裂缝仍游戏钱的路线

EN: I run through the industry looking for enemies
ZH: 我通过寻找敌人的行业运行

EN: Y'all niggas sound sick and Jada the remedy
ZH: 你们黑鬼声请病假和 Jada 补救办法

EN: get shot in yo eyes and mouth
ZH: 挨枪子儿的哟眼睛和嘴

EN: can't see can't talk when you fucking wit the heart of New York
ZH: 不能见不能说话时你他妈的机智的纽约心脏吗

EN: And that's fouler that swalling pork
ZH: 这就是 fouler 的 swalling 猪肉

EN: An don't fuck wit the feds, dog you know I push the prowler to court
ZH: 别他妈的 wit 联邦政府、 狗你知道我将那个小偷推送到法院

EN: toast on my lap, got the East Coast on my back
ZH: 烤面包我腿上的我的背上了东海岸

EN: How many times must I tell you motherfuckers
ZH: 多少次我必须告诉你们这些混蛋

EN: We ain't industry niggas
ZH: 我们还没有行业黑鬼

EN: We in-the-streets niggas
ZH: 我们在街上黑鬼

EN: We motherfucking riders forever bitch now what
ZH: 我们一个混帐骑手永远婊子现在什么

EN: So Ryde or Die you talk it we live it (Eastcoast)
ZH: 这么赖德或模你说话它我们住它 (知这汉子)

EN: So Ryde or Die you want it we give it (Westcoast)
ZH: 要这么赖德或模具它我们给它 (海岸)

EN: So Ryde or Die you started we ended (Dirty south)
ZH: 这么赖德或模你开始我们结束 (南脏)

EN: So Ryde or Die you talk it we live it (Big West)
ZH: 这么赖德或模你说话它我们住它 (大西)

EN: So Ryde or Die you want it we give it (Ruff Ryders)
ZH: 要这么赖德或模具它我们给它 (Ruff Ryders)

EN: So Ryde or Die you started we ended (Biatch)
ZH: 这么赖德或模你开始我们结束 (Biatch)

EN: Motherfucker, Ruff Ryders, Double R motherfucker, Ruff Ryders
ZH: 娘,Ruff Ryders,Double R 娘,Ruff Ryders