Ruff Ryders - Stomp - Featuring Yung Wun Trick Daddy lyrics

[Trick Daddy]
[Yung Wun]
y'all done f**ked up now
Ryde Or Die Nigga

[Verse 1 - Yung Wun]
Its Yung Wun with the big gun
What you gon do boy
You betta sit down boy we don't play like that
Betta yet tell ya man to put down the gat
Before it get ugly, I'ma leave ya bloody, LIL BLOODY
Don't play with the gun smoke
For the East to the West Coast
Nigga get ??? no problem Barry
You no cemetery, Home
Is the pipe bomb dropped off in the woods
A man to come home
It's a three be like that
Tell his ass to come right back
To the block with a gat
Standin out in the track with a bumma hard
Bummin weed into the sack
Nigga let the weed smoke blow
I'm intoxicated trying to make a few hits in the head
Baby, cause I be wilder, Big BALLER, call up with quarter
Trying to make a few ??? be borowing from the police
Never wanna follow
And parlor (that's Shit)
And it ain't no stoppin it
Y'all niggas from Georgia ain't lockin it

[Chorus - Yung Wun] (Swizz Beatz in the back)
Give it up, Give it up, G-G-Give it up
Them cops on put and they came to town
y'all boys betta put em up, put em up what
Put em up, Put em up, P-P-Put em up
This is a stick up and y'all boys betta give it up

[Verse 2 - Trick Daddy]
Look, I'm slippin right behind ya nigga
Don't try to hide cause I'll find ya nigga
I'm representin big county nigga
I gotta a clip for all ya slimmy niggas
Don't eva try me nigga
Don't try to run no bull shit like that ??? nigga
You know I'ma a fool for this
I gots two for this
I'll tear yo mammy and your crew plus you for this
Them Daddy dollars y'all
My shit harder Dog
Im from the city of Caprise and them parlors y'all
Ima go and kill this nigga
Kiss above this realest nigga
First nigga to take you to the bar and now you feel this nigga
The respect you gotta give us
Slip-N-Slide and Ruff Ryders nigga
And all yo money can't buy this nigga
My exctacy got me wilin nigga
I'm twice that body nigga
About 100 miles an hour nigga

[Swizz Beatz]
Trick Daddy, Trick Daddy
Yung Wun, Yung Wun
Yo, Ball Out


[Verse 3 - Yung Wun]
Wait a minute God Damnit y'all done f**ked up now
y'all gotta nigga from the A on the Ruff Ryde
Representin from the South
In a glass ???
This man got cash in mind
On the cash route
Niggas there with they ass out
Talkin bout YUNG WUN'S A BITCH (MAN)
That DS Cliq
Ima bout to pitch a f**kin fit
And start blowin this bitch
What you think my gun bust ice one
Down in Georgia
Six hours from Florida
Niggas get slaughtered
Boy where Im from
Problems gon get solved
By getting robbed
Causin tear drops and closed caskets
On tha glasses
Get beside theyself
And soficate from plastic
Face down on a mattress