Ruff Ryders - Im A Hoe lyrics

(Chorus- Aja)
Top down hair blowin in the wind rims spinning
That's what Ryders do
Just me and the road I'm so in control and I'm feeling extra cool (Ryde Out)
I got the sun shining on my face eyes tinted by my Louis Vuitton shades
Ohh that's what Ryders do
Ohh that's what Ryders do

Can you picture me on sunset watchin the sunset
through the rear view of a sixty-seven corvette
I am not at all stressed cause I just seen the sun shine
for my nigga cause he still doin jail time
it could be worse I figure I'm roling down the window
niggaz whistling and pssst-per-in I'm actin like I don't hear
I'm tryin to feel the breeze my mind is in Belize
I'm in the wife beater turning down the A.C
I'm taking time for me wonder where I'ma be
in seven years I'm doin sixty planning carefully
I'm on the inter state I'm playin Mary-J
Reminiscing on the love we had can you relate
its just another day but it coulda been my last
that's why I'm riding till its time to stop and get some gas
I'm watching riders pass with arms all out they ass
they on bikes throwin they R's up
I throw 'em back


Yeah, roll with the winners mami
you see them spinners mami
whip clean shoes come off for you and a mami
ice bling like a candle light dinner mami
five screens shit look like the staples center mami
I'm in a six coupe bumpin Big Snoop
nah, I'm in a blue drop bumping 2Pac
staring at the ocean mind on a new yacht
one button stash nine in the fuse box
I'm on the interstate they call P C H
in the front seat lean back like it's easy eight
I move at heavy speeds I let the D's debate ease the brakes
ninety on the turn like a piece-a-cake
air in the window blowin I got the indo goin
rims look like they moonwalkin when the benzo goin
smoking thinking drinkin lets spend a moment
every sunny days a weekend and it's a tender moment


What else can I say It's just another day
I'm high off these trees I'm feeling great
a smile up on my face I'm happy to just see another day
my niggaz ride by

I got my top down hair blowin
I don't know where I'm goin
but niggaz stareing like my top down brazier showin
low riders red showin they lookin like I'm switchin
they wanna see my trunk space but I don't feel them niggaz
wanna see my tattoo's they screamin Scarlett baby
can I get at you maybe another time boo
I'm having piece of mind
I double back if I decide to share a piece of mine
right now I'm riding baby boo you see me with my crew
my bitches callin in sick ridin tomorrow too
cause that's what riders do
whenever the sun shines you see I got my shades on
cause this is my time matter of fact ride time