Rudiger - Who Am I lyrics

I give up, I let go
I've been worrying so long now with nothing to show
But more fear, and more doubt
Have replaced all the peace and the strength I once felt

So secure, so content
But despair weighs my heart down, I just can't remember...

Who I am seems unclear
The strength I thought I had is not drying these tears
Keep on falling down, my mind screaming out
For something to bring back all the peace I once felt...

So secure, so content
I can be there again soon if I just...

Remember who I am, not who I was
Remember where I'm going, not where I came from

Who am I now?
What will become of this?
When will this storm pass?
Where is the bright side to be looked on?
Why do I feel like my mind is a prisoner for countless crimes?
I need to be bailed out. Someone help me...