Rudiger - Wake Up lyrics

It's morning time,
The birds sing a chime as I open my eyes.
It's all too clear,
The truth I hear, the pain I feel in my heart...

There's nothing left for me to hide behind.
(I know just what I have to do)
No more masks to keep the problems off my mind.
(I'm gonna let it all out)
When the night is gone (morning comes) and it's just me and
The Truth staring down at me,
I realize (remember) I can't do this alone.

Something must be wrong with some part of me,
Or maybe I'm fine.
The day moves on, clear thoughts are gone,
Fogged by my false image of me...

I don't need anyone,
I'm fine with one more distraction,
I'll just keep going on this way,
In this cycle of lies day after (day)
Every morning I see things clear,
Only to be covered by fear...