Royce Da 5'9" - Walking In The Rain (Freestyle) lyrics (Chinese translation). | I got a deep anonymous bottomless pit dealt to my psychy, bank full of whatâ??s stitched on the...
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Royce Da 5'9" - Walking In The Rain (Freestyle) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I got a deep anonymous bottomless pit dealt to my psychy, bank full of whatâ??s stitched on the left side of my Nikes, blank man fill me in but you will never sum me up, their will never be another question mark like me, I donâ??t gang bang shit Iâ??m just mad blazing, I got them dimes like a bad Asian, I got the mix like some bad shaving, Aaliyah with the gang bang she say she wit it and say Iâ??m outta thought like Iâ??m red flag waving, I go with cigâ??s when you come with kids, so I hope you run youngest son under dick, so long live crime, long kiss bye, Iâ??m a Rottweiler I am truly hot lava, have your papâ??s hollering the wrong kid died turn him into Dewey Cox father, I age better than suede leather, the winner and the fall of Dopeman fuck the talk lets agree that I ainâ??t the Pacman and Mayweather, got bitches chasing dick I feel like hanging up, shit take em wit snap my fingers make them sit, You? you roll around with a pack of niggas, you got the click Mel Gibson wish for racist spit, he got the cops around him, Iâ??m rocking like a crack head momma, chicken in the crib baby in the oven, that basically means she laying in some hot surroundings, Crazy as the â?¦? Shady is theâ?¦? come with immaculate concepts like nobody birthed me I treat the game like Rick James did to Charlie Murphy Iâ??m in slaughterhouse storming troop armor suit all you clones trying to form a group only Jones that you keeping up with is orange juice.
ZH: 我有一个深匿名的无底洞涉及到我心理,银行的 whatâ 全概览s 我耐克鞋左侧缝合,空白人填写我,但你永远不会总结我,他们将永远不会像我一样,另一个问号我唐娜概览t 帮会轰隆狗屎美国衣阿华概览m 只是疯狂的熊熊,我让他们像坏亚洲硬币,我有一些坏的剃须,与她说的帮派爆炸耶像混合她机智它,说美国衣阿华概览m 离开以为像美国衣阿华概览m 红旗挥舞着,我和 cigâ 一起去概览s 当你来带孩子,所以我希望你运行下的老二,最小的儿子这么久住犯罪、 长吻再见,美国衣阿华概览m 罗威纳我真正热的熔岩,有你 papâ 概览s 吼鬼叫错的孩子死了把他变成戴维寇克斯的父亲,我年龄比绒面革,优胜者和的 Dopeman 操谈话让秋天同意,我 ainâ 概览t 吃豆子和梅韦瑟,母狗有追的迪克感觉就像挂了,妈的采取 em 机智管理单元我的手指让他们坐,你呢?你和一群黑鬼打滚,你有梅尔 · 吉布森希望为种族主义者随地吐痰,他遇到了警察身边,美国衣阿华点击概览m 摇摆裂纹头嬷嬷,像鸡在烤箱里的婴儿宝宝的基本上就是指她躺在一些热的环境,作为疯狂 ─? │?阴暗是赛扬? │?完美无暇的概念来就没有人会生下了我像我对待游戏像瑞克 · 詹姆斯对查理 · 墨菲美国衣阿华概览在屠房攻坚部队装甲 m 适合所有你克隆试图形成一组唯一的琼斯你跟上是桔子汁。