Royce Da 5'9" - 24 Bars (Drunk) (2010)

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Royce Da 5'9" - 24 Bars (Drunk) lyrics

Ok, I'm gonna do a freestyle right?
But instead of being like "uhh", I'mma go "drunk!"
Cause I'm drunk!
Let's go

Drunk! Drunk! Drunk!

Check it, I got the speakers going hammer
Got heaters that'll sleep ya, whole
Fam in past tense like some week-ago pajamas
I know my way around here just like I designed a compass
When your girl come around here
I feel like I jumped inside her trumpet!
I got it locked like I cut my vocal sessions in the vault
Especially when it's dark, I get desolate with thoughts
I'm getting green like Brian
Pumper under water with his
Whole jewel collection on
Wrestling the Hulk
You should respect this like
Your ancestor, to step up
To try to keep up is too much damn pressure
I flow with God speed - I know
You playing catch-up
My checking account sound like Gilbert Godfried
Singing a duet with Fran Drescher
High notes! I go from water flow to pyro
I'm damn near assault-proof
Assault me and end up in the coffin speechless
Hands laying across you
You'd rather be running in the run of the bulls
Feetless, wearing a Santa Claus suit
Get it? You can't describe me
I'm not a jolly good fellow
But still can't deny me.. get it?
Y'all need to be working on your murkin'!
Got so many bodies on me they call me:
"Person on my person"
You can throw my bitch's pussy up in the air
And make sunshine
Later with your bumper sticker punchlines
I spark - fuck some words! - hitman
As soon as you up your face
You can call me Mark Zuckerberg

24 bars!