Roy Orbison - Forgive Me lyrics

Oh, my darling, sweet sweet darling, here am I
on my knees, begging please, realize,
yeah, now I know, I love you so, dry your eyes
and forgive me.

I was wrong for so long, now I see
that you're the one and only one love for me
and suddenly I knew our love was meant to be,
Yeah, Forgive me.

Oh, forgive me,
for all the things that I have done to you,
for all the times that I have made you blue.

These are not just empty words that I say,
I really mean everything that I say,
I'm yours, yes I'm yours, comfort me,
Please forgive me.

Oh, forgive me,
and nevermore will you belove me,
I'll make it up to you if you'll forgive me.

Oh, forgive me.