Roy Acuff - Our Own Jole Blon lyrics

Jole Blon Delta flower you're my darling you're my sunshine
Oh I love you darling forever I love you promise I'll always be true
Oh ho ho ah ha ha
[ fiddle ]
In the evening in the shadows I'll be waiting in Louisinna
And when I hear your sweet voice I'll rejoice I'm so happy
I'm saving my kisses for you
Oh ho ho ah ha ha
[ harmonica ]
Jole Blon Cajun angel let me tell you that I love you
In the springtime you promised that we would be married
And I'm waiting still waiting for you
Oh ho ho ah ha ha
[ dobro ]
When your hair turns to silver I'll still call you Delta flower
Pretty Blond I still love you I love you I promise
And I'm patiently waiting for you
Oh ho ho ah ha ha