Rosie Ribbons - Blink (Uncensored) lyrics

Written by: David Clewett, Ivar Lisinski, J. Boogie and Mick Lister

1st Verse:
We went out, you and me
Candle light, perfect ' like it was ment to be
But you're not sayin' much
Where you at ? Not around ' you're lookin' right through me

Saw your eyes take a trip
Goin' south, she replied, made a bump in your zip
Don't you try, try to hide.. this time
Uh huh.

1st PreChorus:
Cus you're diving into trouble,
and you're deeper than you think.
Maybe this time I'm gonna let you sink.

As soon as I Blink, you're, playing around.
Uh-huh.. You're Guil'ty
It's making me think, you're not the man
Cus you're dissin' me, pissin' me off.

BLINK you're playing around.
Uh-huh.. So Fil-thy
I think you're goin' down.
All I gotta do is BLINK!

2nd Verse
So what's she got, that I have not.
Spit it out, are you tellin' me she hits the spot.
Is it her hips, maybe her lips, I gotta know.
Could it be the nails on her fingertips.
Do they scratch, when you say that.
Listen up, baby, now don't you give me that crap.
You wanna play? Ok, you're outta my game.

2nd PreChorus:
Cus you're divin' into trouble,
You've been talkin' in your sleep.
this time I'm gonna let you sink.


I can't forgive infidelity,
I thought we had infinity.