Roses Kings Castles - Broken Homes lyrics

It's all been said now, we're all from broken homes.
The seasons never change in this suburban town.
Couldn't leave you tales to tell.

What's been said you never said, you never left your home.
I slept whilst you destroyed yourself another time.
If I left you tales to tell.

Another weekend, another problem, better things to do.
And when your look is on the wane, wait until tomorrow,
What you should get done today.
And when the pleasure turns to pain, wait until tomorrow
What you should get done today.

These things you said so, they all mean much to me.
The meanings are the same, in this, your charming way.
Couldn't leave you, tales to tell.

I should be letting you know, thank you for bringing to show.
This time tomorrow they'll be up and running scared.
So now it's over, you're tired of falling down.
The witch hunt always led to here, one could never doubt.
Couldn't leave you tales to tell