Roots Manuva - Inna lyrics

(Chorus x5)

I'm inna

(Verse One)

There were trendy wannabes staring in my face

As I stepped to the place I could taste eclair

Tall head, small head, enough shape to hair

Swinging out blabber with the coin to spare

Me myself, I only got five quid to spend and

Once I've broken this note my pockets on a bend

Supping on a brew so my vibe gets stirred

Feeling kind of brave as my vision is blurred

Skeets in the place, they blow my mind

I rehearse my approach and I bides my time

Second thoughts of last one, these stress my nights

So I was just content with them sights

Were me and my jack-joan, alone getting down

Freaking to the sound as the bass spins around

I'm inna...

(Chorus x4)

I'm inna

(Verse Two)

Clutching at the bar side, taking in the view

Press luck, trying to scrounge me a next pint of brew

Find a relevant spot, see I know nobody

So I assume the role of some tender somebody

To attract the attention of some cat with some doe

Be it Jane or Flo', I'm slick-quick, got flow

Looking down at my feet, 'tender' written cross my face

Hoping some skee aids my case

Twenty minutes pass and I gets no joy

I bring storm-dinner gear 'fore my plan deployed

It was a skee behind the bar, almost dark as me

Needed a drink so her dream lover had to be me

I said 'Honey, I love the way you work that square

I know you's a ten and you got nice hair'

I blew she two kisses, two tries and I misses

Third time lucky, I'm hitting the target

She's warming to my vibe, looking deep into my eyes

I'm spewing out lies but she's none the wiser:

'I can't find my bredren with my twenty pound note

I'm feeling kind of hoarse in the throat?'

She steps to the brew tap, pumps me a brew

I said 'Hon, I really don't expect this of you'

Pushed the brew to my hand and I grips it tight

Turns her back and I slips out of sight

I'm inna...

(Chorus x4)

(Verse Three)

Back in the midst of them sweaty boogie folks

A cat comes up and tries to sell me some smoke

'What you got, weed or hash?' He said 'Hash'

'I don't smoke that but I'll take a quick blast'

It was a potent cocktail, this hash and brew

I flips, acting like I'm not known to do

Strips down to my waist, I was feeling hot

Getting wild sensations from my head to my

In a drunken stupour, sweating on this skeet

Company of us cats, they didn't want to keep

In came my bartending friend and two bouncers

Accusing me of theft, Lord knows I should've left

But this buzz in me was like grinning up my jaw

Before I knew shite I were flat 'pon the floor

Inna, man...

(Chorus x8)