Ronnie Gilbert - Spanish Is A Loving Tongue lyrics

Spanish is a loving tongue,
Soft as music, light as spray.
Once knew a boy who taught me some,
Came down from Sonora way.
He didn't look much like a lover,
Though he'd say these love words over,
"Tu eres mi luna, tu eres mi sol, Mi amor, mi corazon."

His eyes were shy, his smile was bold,
My young vaquero twenty years old.
But every day the stories were told,
Towns of silver, streets paved with gold.
I dreamed dreams of far-off places,
Dresses made of silks and laces.
I heard him say as the stage started on,
"Adios, mi amor, mi corazon."

I've dealt cards in so many places
So many voices, such pretty phrases.
Most nights it seems I hear only one,
"Mi amor, mi corazon."