Ronnie Dylan - Roses (feat. Chandler Williams) (2015)

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Ronnie Dylan - Roses (feat. Chandler Williams) lyrics

[Verse 1]
We coming for the premature partying
On the hunt for some party goers coming in
Digging low for that rose, no gardening
I pick a victim who ain’t think that we can talk him in
I box him in, watch him begin
Jesus saying God they got one again
Cause' peer pressure don’t take no “no’s"
Pulling out the steams and we'll break that rose
Break that rose, nearly rip that soul
Back seat sinking in, time moving slow
Move through nickels to pounds, blew through the O’s
I can make an alphabet that he ain’t making it home
Now what they want? They want it all
Now what they need? They need you soul
You need to leave, you need to go
They need your leaf, they need your rose

Your rose is soft and strong
Your rose is all they want
Your rose is all we know
They want your soul, your rose

[Verse 2]
Now most of my life I’ve been low key (WHO)
Picked on cos they don’t know me
Slipped on, slept on like a futon
Kinda dude they look at me I say you got the wrong dude
So why is it me with these wolfs
I don’t belong but got no where to go
I know it’s so lonely, it’s so cold
I can’t go back with no rose
Suppose I go deep suppose I go home
Suppose I don’t need nobody to go on
But these folks told me I’m no wrong
Just inhale deep and hold on
Hold on, I don’t recognize these
Hold on, I need to breathe
Hold on, who are they? (Who is he?)
I’m Ron…I’m free