Ronnie Dylan - Conversation (2015)

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Ronnie Dylan - Conversation lyrics

[Verse 1]
Looking in on what they could have told me, Never met a rapper with a real story
But I know a couple town folk who down for whatever, With a real back bone, who can hold a vendetta
Like don’t listen to the hype and vice, This the revenge of the school yard fights
Speak to the people that need that light, and relate with every one who really ain’t your type
We don’t speak like rappers, we act like men, look in my eyes when you shake my hand
Look in my past, take a flick while you can, stick to the script or stick to the plan
And ask these kids what they looking for, be the same exact reason we did it for
Body feel like I might rigor mortis that shit ya’ll been looking for, looking for
This and I gotta let it go, too many of us better than we know
Too many of us never will know, so we get a set job on a set payroll
And grind that out til' I see my bones, everybody wonder where I been so long
Cause' I didn’t wanna see you when you came back home, in ya backyard barbecue table full of blow
Where ya go, where ya been, Got everybody here looking in
Got everybody wanna be my friend, but you don’t know me and I don’t know them
So thats when I gotta draw the line, keep it real banksy my design
Everyday gotta pave another way, but thats what you pay when you tryna stay prime