Ronnie Day - Forever lyrics

I missed my second chance- it flew right by,
And as another tear falls from your eye
You've made your call... You've made "goodbye".

Well, I am just so happy to have known you-
To have shown you all my life,
Wrapped in this moment here forever.

Wake me up and make me see
If I am loved, whatever that may mean
Because I don't think I know but I still care.

All I know is that

If it happens this way
And if you leave me today
It will be forever,
And I know what that means forever...
It means we'll never be together.

And there is nothing to say.
The chips will fall as they may,
They will stay forever.
Do you think I will find another
Timeless love while all my time's with you?

Make your mind up-
You're just holding me here,
You're taking time up,
But I don't mind as long as we're
The only things locked on your mind-
In there I'm yours and you are mine,
And everything is as it should be.

Call your own bluff-
It's only truth that space will never be enough
To keep our thoughts from mixing.
Time is getting smaller
And it's clear now that all we're here
For is holding on.

I think you should let me know,
Because I have never been a good sport
At this game that you call "letting go".
I think you should show
Me that I'm not another number
In that cellular phone underneath your bed