Rome - Scream (2014)

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Rome - Scream lyrics

I used to think life was all a game of sink or swim
I'd follow the rules like everyone my age I guess
Raising my hand only proved that I was less a man
Speaking in turn only proved that I would end up last

Ooh, everything I know is wrong
Ooh, should have known it all along

Gonna live too fast gonna burn my cash
I'll piss my days away
Yeah, I'll drink too much till I'm out of touch
But I'm not quite down the drain

Ooh, don't care if you're listening
You'll still hear me when I scream

My bones have grown and all the thrills I've had since seventeen
Never seem to go
I'm fighting for the best of me
So god bless the soul of anyone who gets me off this train
Yeah f**k what I know
I'm ready to be dumb again

You'll still hear me when I scream
Your name