Rome - Reversion (Edit) lyrics

We toss and turn
We need a new man
There is nothing left but fear here

Into the sea
Into this life
Treading water

All is sacred
All is green
Under the belltower
Under my skin
We have reached a new line
We have come to an end
Now tell me this wasn't fun

"Niemand zwingt mich in die Knie"

Each and every face is cut to match
So we all fall into sweet silence
This life's reversion
This summer's plague
Don't you ever try to warm my mind
Would you heed my words?
Would you slay for me?
Would it be of any value?

"Die Welt und die Wirklichkeit müssen fassbar sein, damit wir mit gutem Gewissen klagen können über die Einförmigkeit..."