Roger Waters - 4:37AM (Arabs With Knives And West German Skies) lyrics

Sleep, sleep
I know that I'm only dreaming
Man : "Leave her alone..get out..out..get out of my house"
Through closed eyes
I see West German skies on the ceiling

And I want to get back
To the girl with the rucksack
To feel her flaxen hair
I want to be there

See the sun going down
Behind Krupps steelworks
On the outskirts of some German town

Mein Host : "Gutten Abend meiner Damen und Herren Ha Ha Ha Ha
Willcommen in Konigsburg Ha Ha Ha Ha
Wollen zie danzen mit mir oder drinken Mehr Ha Ha Ha"

Thank you but this young lady and I
Will just finish this bottle of wine
It was kind of you but
I think we'll just say goodnight

Man : "Leave us alone"


Man : "Leave us alone"

Man : "Could I have the key to one four three please?"
Room Clerk: "There you are"
Man : "Thank you, goodnight"
Room Clerk: "Goodnight Sir"

Man : "Hello yes I'd like to order breakfast please
I'd like coffee for two, and toast with marmalade