Rodney Carrington - All The Reasons lyrics

i dont like poodles and popurie
pastel colors aint good on me
i need a woman that i can squezze
these are the things that i believe

i like john wayne in overalls
hate chick flics and shopping malls
i think god that i god balls
a pickup truck and a texas draw

i dont like flowers and fancy ware
talking on the telephone all the time
dont wont nothing in my behind
it fits and exits it suits me fine

these are all the reasons i aint queer
(these are all the reasons he aint queer)

i think two holes are better than one
if you ask me well thats more fun
in and out and then im done
two guys kissing would make me run

i dont like sex on a fu fu bed
i dont wont to dance with a guy name fred
i did it once and my face turned red
you saw the tape so enoughs been said

me and my buddies we like to drink
watching fights at the hockey rink
you wont catch me wereing pink
i like the fact that my pecker dont stink

hey these are all the reasons i aint queer
i dont be poking nothing near my rear
yea theses are all those reasons
the crazy cu cu reasons
these are all those reasons i aint queer