Rod Stewart - It's Over lyrics (Chinese translation). | The congregation sang 
, We knelt and prayed 
, As we stood before god 
, On that beautiful day 
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Rod Stewart - It's Over (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: The congregation sang
ZH: 会众唱

EN: We knelt and prayed
ZH: 我们跪下祈祷

EN: As we stood before god
ZH: 当我们站在上帝面前

EN: On that beautiful day
ZH: 在这美好的一天

EN: The church bells rang
ZH: 教堂的钟声响了

EN: And the champagne flowed
ZH: 香槟流动了

EN: As our friends gather round
ZH: 正如我们的朋友们相聚的日子。

EN: For the wedding photo
ZH: 婚礼照片

EN: But here we are barely I've years on
ZH: 但我们在这里几乎不把年

EN: An' our whole world fallin' apart
ZH: 好友要倒塌我们整个世界

EN: All the plans we we had together
ZH: 所有的计划我们我们曾在一起

EN: Up in smoke and gone for ever
ZH: 永远在烟雾和消失了

EN: Poisoned by the lawyer's letter
ZH: 中毒的律师的信

EN: It's over
ZH: 它是结束

EN: I don't want our kids to suffer
ZH: 我不想让我们的孩子受苦

EN: Can we talk to one together
ZH: 我们可以在一起和一个吗

EN: You were once my light, my lover
ZH: 你曾经是我的光,我的爱人

EN: Inseparable were we
ZH: 我们是分不开

EN: With a beezer in our sails
ZH: 与 beezer 在我们的风帆

EN: Now I feel a chill wind
ZH: 现在我感到一阵阴风

EN: On the marriage that fell
ZH: 上的婚姻而下跌

EN: As I pray as I divided
ZH: 我的祈祷,我划分

EN: They've taken their sides
ZH: 他们带走了他们边

EN: Now they'll all sit back
ZH: 现在他们就会都坐回去

EN: And watch the circus arrive
ZH: 观看马戏表演到达

EN: I don't stand here tryin'to focus the blame
ZH: 我不要站在这里试重点推

EN: But I'm hurtin' deep down in inside
ZH: 但我我差点在内心深处在里面

EN: All the pain an' all all the grievin'
ZH: 所有的痛苦好友所有所有 grievin'

EN: When did we stop believin'
ZH: 我们何时停止坚信

EN: Too late now to stop the bleedin'
ZH: 太晚了现在要止住流血

EN: It's over
ZH: 它是结束

EN: What's the sense in pointin' fingers
ZH: 感觉在手指的目标是什么

EN: Who the saint an' who the sinner
ZH: 谁圣好友谁罪人

EN: They're ain't gonna be a winner
ZH: 他们是不会成为赢家

EN: It's over
ZH: 它是结束

EN: Oh my dear, what happened to us?
ZH: 哦我亲爱的怎么给我们了?

EN: Tell me, where did it all go wrong?
ZH: 告诉我,这一切哪里做错了吗?

EN: What's the use in keep on fightin'?
ZH: 在保持上打仗中的使用是什么?

EN: All the tears, all the cryin'
ZH: 所有的眼泪,哭泣

EN: Why did you keep denyin'?
ZH: 但我否认为什么做了你保持这?

EN: It's over
ZH: 它是结束

EN: In all the time I throught I knew ya
ZH: 在所有的时间中我通过我知道雅

EN: Don't forget our children's future
ZH: 别忘了我们的孩子的未来

EN: I would do whatever suits ya
ZH: 我会做什么适合你

EN: Oh ye-ah!
ZH: 哦叶-啊 !

EN: It's over
ZH: 它是结束

EN: It's over
ZH: 它有结束

EN: Yeah, it's over
ZH: 是的它是结束