Rockie Fresh - Prom King lyrics (Chinese translation). | I do do no no you 
, Of course i do 
, All bottom man made me believe i had chance to lose 
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Rockie Fresh - Prom King (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I do do no no you
ZH: 我做不你

EN: Of course i do
ZH: 我当然

EN: All bottom man made me believe i had chance to lose
ZH: 所有底让我相信我有机会失去的人

EN: Listen to ..the nigga try to change the cool
ZH: 听听...黑鬼尝试更改清凉

EN: And can’t get me make me wanna jump out the school
ZH: 不能的让我让我想要跳出来学校

EN: But i aint’ creeping ‘cause a nigga never been the fool
ZH: 但我不是 ' 爬行因为一个黑鬼永远不是个傻瓜

EN: And just the present made for me don’t mean it’s made for you
ZH: 只是为我做的礼物并不是说它所用的你

EN: Now go to college get the education see it through
ZH: 现在转到学院得到教育见它

EN: I know they say the rappers got it on the hoes
ZH: 他们说说唱拿上锄头

EN: But don’t get it twist it ‘cause you know ‘cause you get bitches too
ZH: 但别让它把它扭曲,因为你知道因为你的母狗

EN: I swear the shit is true I ain’t gotta lie homie i am just being me
ZH: 我发誓大便是真的我不是要说谎我只是我的兄弟

EN: I aint’ even got to try
ZH: 我不是 ' 甚至尝试了

EN: They say lonely the king so long live with eye
ZH: 他们说孤独国王这么久住在一起的眼睛

EN: And them tears and joy and type of tears my mama cry
ZH: 他们的泪水和欢乐和泪水的类型我妈妈哭

EN: ‘cause i’m always on my grind .. funny shit
ZH: 因为我总是在我磨...有趣的东西

EN: Always on my money shit they f*cking with that dummy shit
ZH: 总是在我的钱上拉屎他们 f * 华君那虚拟的东西

EN: Rocky want that paper so the paper when i come and get
ZH: 洛基所以想要那张纸纸时我过来拿

EN: Hoe for the blue .. niggas like me studies ..
ZH: 蓝色的锄头...像我这样的黑人研究...

EN: ..the ground they say ..
ZH: ..他们说在当地...

EN: Prom want that .. ground they say ..dummy ..
ZH: 舞会希望...他们说的地面...虚拟...

EN: more ... the ground ..
ZH: ..没有更多...地面...

EN: I aint’ the one that ...
ZH: 我不是 ' 一,......

EN: Mama say is pressure i’ just hoping that i can handle it
ZH: 妈妈说是压力我 ' 只希望我能处理它

EN: Sometimes i get angry and i just simply can’t stand the shit
ZH: 有时会生气,我只是不能忍受屎

EN: Swank about my manager needed some management
ZH: 关于我的经理人斯旺克需要一些管理

EN: When the his the fan they like you really can ..
ZH: 当他的风扇他们喜欢你真的可以...

EN: So now i’m on the move changes season changes lovers
ZH: 所以我现在上的移动变化的季节变化情侣

EN: In a couple white chicks feelin like this kinds like a fool
ZH: 在几个白色的小鸡,像这种像个傻瓜

EN: Fight we all tryin to stand each other i can’t believe
ZH: 战斗我们都尽力忍受彼此真不敢相信

EN: lames is feeling make another ..offer
ZH: 跛脚感觉让另一个...提供

EN: my brother told me never smash bout the ..
ZH: 我哥哥告诉我从来没有粉碎 bout...

EN: and if all really mean it i tell the girl i love
ZH: 如果一切真的它我告诉那个女孩我爱

EN: watch it whole game but havin bitches as a hustler
ZH: 看它整个游戏但带你去狂欢的母狗作为骗子

EN: watch them LK’s ‘cause you slept and i touch her
ZH: 他们看着 LK 的因为你睡,我碰她

EN: i tell em feel you simple in my car
ZH: 我告诉他们感觉到你在我的车简单

EN: so play victim to these niggas won’t play victim to these bro’s
ZH: 所以这些黑鬼的戏剧受害者不会对这些兄弟播放受害者

EN: son ding the movie you won’t catch me acting hard
ZH: 儿子丁你抓不到我硬行事的电影

EN: and it’s like ti’s looking good ‘cause i’m always on my dot
ZH: 就像 ti 的看起来很好,因为我总是在我点

EN: pretend them
ZH: 假装他们