Rockie Fresh - Panera Bread (feat. Rick Ross) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Rick Ross]
, My name reign, my chain swing
, I bend corners, my paint change
, These...
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Rockie Fresh - Panera Bread (feat. Rick Ross) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Rick Ross]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 瑞克 · 罗斯]

EN: My name reign, my chain swing
ZH: 我的名称统治,我链秋千

EN: I bend corners, my paint change
ZH: 我弯角,我的油漆改变

EN: These informants, pockets enormous
ZH: 这些线人,巨大的口袋

EN: Rockie keep tourin', his stocks just keep growin'
ZH: 琪保持 tourin'、 他的股票只是保持好久

EN: Rocky Balboa, how I beat boys
ZH: 洛奇,我如何击败男孩

EN: Niggas bow down, it's an elite course
ZH: 黑鬼鞠躬,它是一个精英课程

EN: We shootin' free throws, there before you reach for it
ZH: 我们开枪自由投篮,那里在到达之前你为它

EN: All I know is kilo, All she want is me so
ZH: 我只知道是公斤,她要的是我所以

EN: Sushi feed her ego, dope boy and I do it by the standard
ZH: 寿司喂她的自我,涂料的男孩和我做的标准

EN: Flippin falcons got my house bigger than Atlanta
ZH: 游子猎鹰就我的房子变得比亚特兰大

EN: Panamera cherry red, Panera bread
ZH: Panamera 樱桃红色、 Panera 面包

EN: I'm everywhere, your bitches see me everywhere
ZH: 我是到处,你的娘们到处都见到我

EN: [Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 琪新鲜]

EN: Man these niggas hatin', they can't make it out they mama house
ZH: 伙计讨厌这些黑鬼们,他们没法弄清楚他们妈妈的房子

EN: The least that they can do is wash the dishes, take the garbage out
ZH: 至少他们可以做到是洗碗,把垃圾扔

EN: See the way I'm rollin', now they questionin' the different route
ZH: 看看我是不是,现在他们 questionin' 不同路线的方式

EN: See the young'n flexin', I ain't have to pull a muscle out
ZH: 见 young'n flexin',我不是要拉出的肌肉

EN: Fuck what they be talkin' 'bout, all that bar for bar shit
ZH: 操他们会说 bout、 为所有的酒吧酒吧狗屎

EN: Bought a new car cause I'm one hell of an artist
ZH: 我买了新车的原因是一个地狱一位艺术家的

EN: I'm in another market, tracks with Good Charlotte
ZH: 我在另一个市场,与好夏洛特轨道

EN: These rappers are lethargic, I always hit my target
ZH: 这些说唱是昏昏沉沉的我总是打我的目标

EN: Got a new chick, and she too thick and she too hot to handle
ZH: 有一个新的女人,和她太厚和她太热了,处理

EN: She love to hit the beach and she love to watch Scandal
ZH: 她爱海滩和她爱看丑闻

EN: I'm smokin' in her crib and she prefer I light candles
ZH: 我在她的小床在抽烟和她更喜欢我点燃的蜡烛

EN: She worried 'bout the scent, while I'm focused on the rent
ZH: 她担心 ' bout 的气味,虽然我只专心在租金

EN: But that's little money spent, to the best and shit
ZH: 但这是一点钱花了,最好和狗屎

EN: She said I should have been number one on that freshman list
ZH: 她说: 本该新生名单上第一号

EN: I told her it was nothin' to me, girl don't stress that shit
ZH: 我告诉她这是什么的我的女孩不要紧张那玩意儿

EN: Plus some of my niggas on it, I respect that shit
ZH: 再加上一些我对它的黑人,我很尊重那玩意儿

EN: Although they did forget Casey, and he say life changes
ZH: 虽然他们是不是忘记凯西,和他说的生活变化

EN: So in a couple years from now I swear they all gon' thank us
ZH: 所以从现在开始的几年我发誓他们所有尼泊尔政府 ' 感谢我们

EN: I'm never too anxious, never thirsty, only found patient
ZH: 我从来不太着急了,永远不渴了,只发现病人

EN: I'm only found workin', I'm never found hatin', these tracks when I'm bakin'
ZH: 我只发现工作,我是从未找到讨厌,这些轨道时我我 bakin'

EN: Always been more than a player, I am Thibodeau
ZH: 一直是更多比一个球员,我是 Thibodeau

EN: I know the flow, I'm such a coach, to get the win is my approach
ZH: 我知道流量,我是这样的教练,要获得胜利是我的方法

EN: Salute Kanye, that's my city, Jordan
ZH: 敬礼 Kanye,这就是我的城市,约旦

EN: Some niggas say they D-Rose, but who really scorin'?
ZH: 一些黑人说他们 D-玫瑰,但谁真正 scorin' 呢?

EN: Who signin' endorsements, citin' all them corporates?
ZH: 谁 signin' 背书,citin' 他们的企业?

EN: Ball so hard they tore shit
ZH: 所以硬球他们撕毁了狗屎

EN: Shit I ball so hard I make 'em wanna forfeit
ZH: 我辛苦我让他们想要没收球狗屎

EN: It's all natural, I ain't even gotta force shit
ZH: 它是所有自然,我根本不是要强制狗屎

EN: Force shit, since a young'n, I would always be good
ZH: 强制狗屎,自 young'n,我总是会很好

EN: When I had that first down with that fur on the hood
ZH: 当我有那第一次进攻到皮毛与引擎盖上

EN: Every day I'm goin' hard and I'm stayin' prepared
ZH: 我和我去硬的每一天我得呆准备

EN: Got that broccoli cheddar soup with that Panera bread
ZH: 得到与那 Panera 面包,西兰花切达干酪汤