Rockett Queen - The Rock Show lyrics

It's nine oclock and there's nothing on TV and
It's time to rock but my tanks on empty and
It's kinda hard when everything's been done before
The days are long and they seem never ending and
I'm always wrong when I think that things are changing
And if were gonna make it , you know we have to take it
And I just want one thing
Lets get to the rock show
Anywhere but here right now
Lets get to the rock show
Where we can let it all hang out
We were in love at the tender age of 18 and
I was so surprised when it came crashing down around me
But everyone was sayin' ,and I was busy playin' when it came to me
So imagine my surprise when I turned on the TV
And she was standin' there in a leopard print bikini
Taking off her clothes in a spring break episode Of a girls gone wild video