Rocket Science - Losing An Edge lyrics

Losing an edge,
It's like secret information,
It's like you said,
What's done is done.
It's never you.
Never had the touch get up,
Get on a good run,
It's way too much.
You're better watching your speed,
It's never you.
Never know when to stray,
To get off course and wander.
It's fair to say you'd better do what you can,
Cyber punk,
They want you get up,
They're coming,
They want a peice of you,
And you give it all away,
Like war,
Is a messy occupation.
It's so much more than dragging lines through the sand,
It's over.
I'm overwhelmed for sure,
Like a fallen constellation,
It's one in four,
That even know where they stand,
Cyber punk