Rockamovya - Warrior Sound lyrics

Ites is love, and it is free yeah
And your sow, ya hear from dem yeah
Ites is love, and this is free
Onto the psalm I will sing eventually

I owe, Jah today
On atop the mountain Rasta say
Ya better, better cool it, cool it man
A Cool it, cool it man or are you afraid?

We were once sitting in the darkness with a stone!
With no flashlight, no nightlight, nor lightning, him alone!
But be not afraid of the dragon that sleep up in the darkness of the night
Live your life right until the day spark with daylight!
Hide amongst the hills and the valleys
Up root your soul you might a swim yeah
Ya haffe roll, ya haffe sweat
Ya better chant a psalm to bed my friend Iyo! Rolla Iyo! man yo Jah yeah

Once there was a prophet who stands upon a magic carpet
Telling psalms that tell of glory, telling them of futures and other stories
Of lightning striking by the hills at night
And all children see no one fuss and no one shall be fighting

Rally upon your heart
Sweat it for years man joker’s talk my friends

Roll! Oh! Jordan River haffe flow man
Roll! Wayasay Will Jah, come on bass!
Me na say? Oh Lord yeah, we a warrior!

Warrior sound yeah!
Big up, up, up, big, up, up, ya warrior sound yeah!
Big up, up, up, big up, up, up warrior sound yeah!

Talk to Jah…

Oh high seas they call me
No where to spend the night
Oh high seas they are calling
I see it’s my time too

We love, love! We love, love! (2x)

Haffe, haffe, haffe go, my friend you
Haffe, haffe, haffe, haffe go

Boom Baff ! It redder, it redder (3x)
Boom Baff! Rainfall brimstone from the sky
Still the Babylonian man wonder why Time dread.
Man, time is dread Rastafari said Big up pon warrior self

You’re a bad man Will, stuck in a badman town (2x)
tonight Dem a just a badman town tonight (repeat)