Rockamovya - Horse Dance lyrics

No matter what the people say
I and I lead the way, real
Dancehall way Ready, tape rolling…


Born in Kingston Jamaica yeah
Way down in the ghetto ya know yeah
Where life is hard ya know…see what I mean

This is roots, this is the roots…

And this is Rockers, yo
And this is the rockers man, yo
This is the Rocker’s man
The Rockers man, yeah

A me a rub you a me a dub you, yo
Bring ya girl come mek me rub a dub
Bring a girl come mek we rub a dub (2x)

Dub you…

Call me…Horsemouth

You mustn’t think cause they call me horse me a fool yeah, yeah, yeah
Horsemouth mean the truth ya know, Horsemouth mean the truth
When you hear it coming from the horse’s mouth it’s the truth



Ya never hear about my brethren named Willow, yo
Big up the man called Willow on guitar playing
Professor Harrison ya know, yo
My big bad bassman named Ryan, yo Marcus!!!

Call me…

Jah!!! Rastafari
Give thanks and praise to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I Jah Rastafari, yo

Call me…

Yo when it come around horse’s mouth
You see love, unity, vibration, Rastafari
This is a Groundation.