Rock - IJS (2014)

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Rock - IJS lyrics

Just some thoughts I been thinking
Known to be random but nah I ain’t drinking
I’m just saying

[Verse 1]
This shit I write could raise the dead
Niggas reaching out to me I ain’t seen in years
Fairweather season friends, October’s back
Like I reunite with the pen
I’m like Tip in sense
Welcome home T.I., things have changed some since
Your little brother K.R.I.T been holdin’ it down during your pinch
In the South, out West, Kendrick, Pac would be proud no doubt
I been tryna bring my own reign to the house
B.I.G. you should see your boy Jay these days
Best rapper alive, bring it back, Timberland suede
Nigga nasty, still rockin’ the same old fade
And Mike how you feel ‘bout the NBA
Stacking teams — what, niggas can’t hold their weight?
Had a dream about me, L Boogie, Jean, Lyte
Latifah and Rah Digga going for broke on the mic
And I wonder if they’ll ever see us in the same light
Probably not, I wonder what Bambaataa think of hip hop
From now to when he recorded Planet Rock
I know some older one’s that diggin’ it, some older ones not
And I’m thinking about programs they got
And all they doing, shit Dilla would probably go ham in his spot
I do, wish I could’ve worked with him too
Welcome home Prodigy, I’m glad you’re back in the booth
When it’s coming back we need them hard Mobb Deep tunes
Heard he’s coming back with them black-ass Timberland boots
I used to rock back early in my childhood roots
Just the thoughts that I had, I let my brain let loose
Like I wonder where Ninth a been if he hadn’t seen Juice
Or Phonte if he hadn’t a had that Source maggie in school
I’m just saying

Just some thoughts I been thinking
Known to be random but nah I ain’t drinking
I’m just saying

[Verse 2]
Just thinking of the future and history
And how that without music that my life would be misery
I’m Kathy Bates
With no you, you wouldn’t know me
‘Cause we bonded over things like Mos and Kweli
I’m just saying
This shit I write could touch a sister
Like drunk old niggas in clubs fucking with us
I’m Levi denim, I’m coming back, they’re wearing me out
Beside Pro Era, older niggas, yo New York in a drought
I wonder how even still them niggas hate on the South
They can’t do it
I want [?] to prove it
I used to wonder how I’d feel the one day meeting an influence
I did it Saturday
Black Dante and Badu
Nas, I wonder if they could all see through the coolness
Besides the fan in me wanted to do an Indian move
Smoke dance ‘cause it hit me like pow-wow France
I want a tour Europe, Tokyo and Japan
And make enough money to take my parents from plans
‘Cause her hands hurt and my daddy’s retired
But he’s still working overtime, graveyard eyes
And my youngest niece two, while the other one five
And the oldest one ten, she got dreams in her eyes
And I wonder if mine prove what she dream what she ‘lize
She can be
And if Kobe he had come to NC
Would he of had even more now than them six gold rings?
I’m just saying