Rock City - Tell It Like It Is (2010)

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Rock City - Tell It Like It Is lyrics

Money right, dad straight, mama living hell a good (x3),
Niggaz hating cause we doing everything they never could,
I'm living a good life, none a them could ruin it,
Shout out to the fact that we still standing after losing it,
Half a the label staff expected us to quit,
Cause jimmy cares only 'bout pop music,
Rock City aint really with all that bullshit,
Thats exactlly why we left interscope now,
We bout to set it off and get it popping,
While every other labels at our front door knocking,
Another bidding war fuck nigga try an stop it
We coming full speed so yall might want to watch it,
I always keep it hot maybe cuz i came from the tropics,
U want it,
U need it

Dont worry cuz i got it,
Now ptfao lets make that shit a trending topic
And when our album drop i bet dem haterz still cop it
Let dey muderskunt kno jus who we is,
Is virgin islands massive till dey pu in me in my grave,
As u cud c meh boi a all da hard work pays,
The matto da we living is a three word phrase (no off da a ays)
Fresher than a mourge even when i dont bathe,
Alredy kno jus now a vi man a have a rate
I'm the type of nigga who dem falli fasy dont faze (u kno say da, u kno say da we come jus fi fuck up de place)

The clock still ticking
Damn rite im off in dis mufucker still spiting
Akon dont wana let us go but i ain even tripping
We'll put a reggae album out and still make a killing,
No he didnt yes i mufucking did,
And i ain dissing kon he still my mufucking nig,
Bu bu bu damn can u let a mufucker live,
C yall must not understand who this mufucker is,
Grown man shit got no time for these mufucking kids,
Im higher than simrefa,

Im hobby cuz im fly from my neck down 2 my snekas,
Im in the front row yall sitting way up in the blechas
And thas the reason why dem muderskunt cant c us,
No ones fucking with me

Is why i dont even really feature rock city
Not pretty
Keep that shit beating through ur speakers,
Im dreaming while im awake cuz i dont never sleep
So i'll be living dream homie i c u when ic u. (no off days)