Robyn Hitchcock - (Spoken Interlude) (2) lyrics

I don't know what kind of church you like to imagine
but I like to imagine a church full of carcasses.
There's one big carcass at the end in extreme pain
and there's a lot of carcasses in various stages of agony kneeling towards it.
And maybe, coming down the aisle, there's two, kind of, of proto-carcasses
with their hat and mangled digits bonded together in a bloody welt.
And they're being clubbed by a priest.
Outside the church, there's even more carcasses who, hopefully, are at rest.
And above the church there's, sort of, a huge mega-carcass
with a long white beard and a top hat who's going
"Well done, my children".
And there's another ...
And he's on his mobile phone to the bloke in the, you know, vestry
or whatever it is, who says "I think we got more in than usual, Lord".
And he says "OK, wang it up next time".

It's very dangerous to mock people's beliefs
because you can be tortured and destroyed by other human beings.
Very seldom to divine forces actually reek their vengeance on you
but it's very dangerous to be an infidel in someone's eyes.

I believe, very firmly, in God
I'm a very ... in terms of spirituality.
I also have an infinite contempt for religion
which I think is hijacking people's spirituality for political purposes.
And I think that religion is perilously close to pornography in that respect.