Robin Williamson - Sands And The Glass lyrics

by Robin Williamson

Running from home full of hope
Green as dope and living on our dreams
How long ago it seems since we believed in magic
Finding love so easily then, seeking to be free as the wind
Laughing with our friends beyond the tragic

I think we were duped
But I don't forget
Things that were true
I believe them yet
I've seen a new day

Beyond the sad sunset
It looks so fine
Let it shine in the end
Let it shine

Sweet ladies gave me brown bread and cheese
Breezes from the sea flew blue birds
Death was absurd when I was flying
Hearts of gold and old stories
Never told a lying word
There was no flaw till I saw you crying

Someone could not sell us cars
Saw us staring at the stars and sold us sleep
Drowned us deep in limbo
Some of us died, some got by, here am I still singing on a stage
I'll never turn my cheek but I'll turn the page
And watch the way the wind blows