Robert Grenier - I Could Live Forever With You lyrics

When I was twenty-three
I should have got down on one knee
And dressed you in the finest bridal gown
Now at twenty-four
I am off fighting in the war
And I feel that my spirit's wearing down
I pledged you my return
And the fires they will burn
In our hearts as they did long before
I'll see you once again
As I return from the end
And I'll find you waiting for me by the door
You are my beloved
My betrothed shining star
I would be so lost if not for you
We'll have drink or two
Beneath the rising moon
(We) both know there's so much living left to do

It's the oldest story
That's for sure
You and I together
Once More
Light surrounds
All that we do
I could live forever
With You
It's the oldest story
You know it's true
That I could live forever
With you