Robert Cray - Share What You've Got, Keep What You Need lyrics


I'd give a friend
My very last dime
And I'd leave my job to do a favor for 'ya
Any time, oh yes I would

But I won't share my baby
She's not part of a good deed
Share what you've got
Keep what you need

If you can't pay your rent
Ohh, you're welcome to stay with me
And you know that I'm your friend, man
Well, I want to be
Sure want to be

But hands off my baby
She's my own little flower seed, yeah
Share what you've got
Keep what you need

(Horn solo)

I need my baby
Ohhhh, I can't let her go, no, no
Friend, don't you ask about my baby
All I can tell you is no
No, no, no, no, no

Share what you got
You've got to share what you've got
But hands off my baby
No, no
You can have anything, but ohhh not my baby

No, no
No, no
No, no, no
Share what you've got
Ohhhh, and keep what you need