Robert Calvert - Board Meeting (Seen Through A Contract Lense) lyrics

(Voices of German politician and high ranking Airforce officers. Argy bargy and board room murmurings):
Strauss: Fine...We'll take seven hundred.
Voice 1: Two hundred and fifty is enough.
Strauss: Seven hundred.
Voice 1: No. Two hundred and fifty is all we can cope with. At the most.
Strauss: We need SEVEN HUNDRED. At least.
Voice 1: Two hundred and fifty.
American Salesman: Would you mind just signing here please.
And here. O yes, and one down here.
German Official: Development costs? But surely you can't forecast development costs...isn't that a little....irregular(?)
Salesman: G..ehm, G for Germany....
(Scratch of pen, signing)
Salesman: It's perfectly ok....G for Germany...we go for that in a big way....