Rob G - Reppin' My Block (West Coast Remix) lyrics

(feat. Mitchy Slick & WC)

[Chorus: Kane Beats]
[Rob G:]
"Reppin' my block"
"Reppin'-reppin' my block"
"Reppin' my block
Let 'em know we in here"
"Reppin'-reppin' my block"
"Reppin'-reppin' my block"
"Reppin' my block"
"Put it-put it in the air"
"Put it in the air"
"Put-put-put it in the air"
"Reppin' my block
Let 'em know we in here"
"Put it in the air"
"Put, put it in the air"
"Reppin' my block
Let 'em know we in here"

[Verse 1: Rob G]
You know
The block repre-sentin'
Fin' to go and deliver
Cause my block
Fin' and
They number one contenders
Since the glock detri-mental
Like liquor to your liver
Hatin' on your agenda, remember, I be the winner
But real, what it gotta be, accept me or you're knockin' me
My city gon' follow me, MY HOOD IS SO PROUD OF ME
You never seen my mug mean (Ha ha)
I got that "I'm-the-shit"
Swagger like the H, straight, runnin' through my blood stream
Now I'm in the club, gettin' thirsty in a player way (YEAH)
Liquor like my Gatorade, I do this on a day to day (YEAH, AY!)
She lookin' good, I'm a holler, make her follow
Where I'm from, WE ONLY TURNIN' DOWN OUR COLLARS, throw a dollar
And when he play what I like
Throw the dub with my left, and the H ON MY RIGHT
It's Houston, south west S.W.A.T. to the TOP
You ain't know this by now, JUST WATCH and see him reppin' my block


[Verse 2: WC]
Yeah... Check it out. You know who I be.
It's that California vet, ride on 24's sittin' high
From the turf where dem flags hang on the left side, dogs on the right side,
Bandanas fly high-known for the hot weather, sticky weed and drive-bys
Money bundles, Harley Davidsons motors rumble
On the block where we clap and make the pigeons roll and tumble
Crip walk, low ride. Out to make da glock glow
Hit the strip jackin niggas comin outta Rosco's
My Block in South Cental LA... We run drugs like a relay south o' da 10-Freeway
Where lil' niggas'l whistle and twist you for dat guap, and we ain't hard to find Nucca
We WEST of Compton and Watts!
If you talkin about them figgas then nigga let's play
I gives a fuck, Asian, Samoan, Red Rag or Eses
Rob G let's blow a sac or two. Catch a nigga WC in a _off western avenue


[Verse 3: Mitchy Slick]
Hey Check it out we gon do it for da West homie We gon Bang Homie
Hey- South Homies, East Homies Check it out here we go- UH!
Reppin my block, Weapon 9 glock,
'cause in southern cal you toss the wrong set you get shot
San Diego Clackafornia the city I play fo',
First round Draft pick Mitchy Slick "Mista Yayo"
Never made the countdown on BET but best believe I'm the king of West Coast
Swap meets- "Yeah Dat"
My hustle stay sharp as a khaki crease,
My knuckles all scarred because he dissed my street...
5000 Logan Ave where it's Damus Deep, Bay Vista Projects where some killas breed
Some of us flip pills and trees, some of us is OT with D
We rida' boys so we get in cheap
You can always tell us cause we never ride stock
Wrong kind come thru spectators say "my gosh"
Reppin my block by squirtin and doin the curtains the same color as my bandana
Enter my block

[Chorus x2]