Roaring Jack - Girl On A Gate lyrics

Girl on a gate, swinging into darkness, swinging into light
A powder and a poison, handful of Dutch and a good mate
Cry on every shoulder, every corner
The city gets bigger, you get smaller

Girl on a gate, talking like a train about yesterday
Maybe change the subject, feel the reject, walk away
Eyes like coal, clothes like pitch
Walk a hundred miles never see an inch

No gods, no judge, no law
No wrong to you
Touch her sweet
The sour can belong to you
Nervous and nice
Drunken and desperate
Girl on a gate

Girl on a gate, counting up the time, turning back the tide
Bruise and a blister, a smile and a kiss and a lullaby
Walking over water, screaming up for air
A penny for the demon, a million for the dare

Girl on a gate, singing like a bird, spinning like a top
Turn round again, reach for a friend, you can’t stop
Can’t stop, won’t stop
Happiness and sympathy, bitterness and misery
Walk the fence to the perfect state
Girl on a gate