River Of Change - The Wonder lyrics

Night, you know how to be sweet to the lovers
You're partners to killers so cruel to victims

You know how to listen and keep the secrets
Of souls that became insane screaming out of love and hate

You know how to grant who lust or fear
That the end of the world comes at dawn

Night on the dark soul every emotions,
Every sensation squares its power

You can give the divine ambrose
To the last of the men, and crucify the main

The birth and the death in you
They melt together in a single eternal ring

You give the truth
To every man
Allowing him to loose
Loose fits his masks and his deceptions
To rejoin his real being
You give new life
To every man
Who left to die in you again and again

You can sink
Into the abyss of nightmare
You can fly
With the wings of dream
For you there is no prison
For you there is no prison

Only your womb of silence and peace
Can seed and caress
The child in the heart of the man

Only you can change all the hell
And the chaos of this world
Into a limbo of waiting that breaks at dawn