Rittz - MVP (Top Of The Line Deluxe Edition Album) (2016)

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Rittz - MVP (Top Of The Line Deluxe Edition Album) lyrics

[Verse 1: Rittz]
Go 'head and roll the red carpet out cause everywhere I walk[?]
Cause when you thought the game was garbage and watered down
I came to be the saviour seen 'em waiting in the water
Started preying on 'em sort of like a shark or a crocodile
Uh I got bars like I was brought up with slaughterhouse but say my name and you'll [?]
I got a quarterounce of soft and a lot of crown and a bitch to wanna' party, grab my card and I'll chop it out
Her heart was beating uncontrollably she dialed 911 and told her "operator sorry I pocket dialed" I told her to walk it out but now she's calming down enjoying it annoying bitch keep
Trying to blow with cotton mouth I told her gag on it started making her cry
They turn me on that's why I came before he make up could dry
I want the bitch to leave can find a way to say it polite
I told her there's an uber waiting started waving goodbye
[?]Rappers say this a lot buy ya'll don't mind like it's okay to get away with the crime but It ain't shit to me cause breaking them off just like a day at the office I don't mean the local paper supply get it [?]
My pen's
I've been vibrant
[?] Time spent [?]
I get back to my [?]
Steak with scrambled eggs on the side[?]
Summed up the best of Rittz
Bitches looking impressed from all the freshness that I exhibit
People say I rap too fast then play this track and refernce it
[?] forever questioning my excellence
When it comes to self expression I'm a specialist
I pack a weapon for protection I ain't wrestling
They actin' deaf like they don't hear me though they characters they imitate like Jake the snake and Rey Mysterio
Serial killer leave you dead[?] cheerio
Talk so much online it's like I watch you dig your burial
Pop up on you when I'm on the road you looking shocked like you forgot I was real like what you thought it was Jerry show
Your reign on the top was temporary though, I'm shining on them like a diamond from Sierra Leone
On a high note they can't compare me to baritone watch
Your mouth I got the knockout power of a Larry Holmes
[?] Switching the delivery
Just to see how many people[?]
Seems like yesterday they used to push
Get you [?] so bad [?]
It's like I had a skin disease
Probably see me in your city[?]got the bullet steady whistling
Got the pistol whizzing by your head
You used to flex like you tough what the fuck you got muscular dystrophy [?]
[?]I get no respect I'm 'bout to take what they don't give to me
Drink so much my liver need a detox[?] about to blow with no [?]
Reality check and then I came to welcome [?]
Funny 7 years later i would be on and I'd be here for eons my name up in the neon light clintel crew Rittz up in this BIATCH

[Chorus: Rittz]
It's funny everybody wanna' envy me they wanna' envy me, envy me
Cause I'm cause I'm the motherfucking MVP I kept it S T R A N G E
I'm the MVP I kept it S T R A N G E