Rita Coolidge - Late Again lyrics

Woke up late again this mornin'
I was late again last night
In the mood that I was born in
And my skin was feelin' tight

Took a short cut to the city
Had myself a drink or two
I've got over feeling shaky
But I'm still not over you

Good God I might as well forget you
You ain't never coming to
Seems like ever since I met you
I've been a gettin' over you

keyboards + guitar

I don't crave no conversation
I don't need no sympathy
All I want is my baby
And my baby wantin' me

So take me anyway if you want me
I'll take you anyway I can
I don't want your sack of candy
Just a little some sweetness now and then

I got to get myself together
With someone who wants some too
Maybe I can learn to love again
While I'm a gettin' over you