Risky Business - Before And After lyrics

What have I got to bitch about? There's nothing in my way, step it up,
Sort it out. I know you think I'm falling through the cracks. Get your
Shots in now while you've got the fucking chance. This time I'm gonna
See it to the fucking end. No excuse, just get it fucking done. In time
You wont recognize my face. A different man, my new life has begun. You
Can't understand what I am going through. You never had a worry or a
Care in the world. Twenty-six years I'm finally taking charge but im
Still putting up with your fucking disrespect. My Life : My Rules.
Complete control for the first time in my life. Try to live in my shoes
For a fucking day and keep your fucking chin up. I'm stepping out im
Letting go, I'm saying goodbye and it's for real. I'm tired of fucking