Rip The Jacker - We Are All Well Known (KG) lyrics

These lyrics are so cataclysmic
Consecrate the spirit, time and space within it
The hours become minutes whenever I spit it
When I bust, I said fuck it, the Brotherhood got me covered
Motivated by the starts and I bust a 100 Bars
You didn't think before you walked as far away as AGCR
You will be detained in the black list registry
If you question me and you try to clone ,e lyrically
Advanced step in systemic Neo-synapsis,
Notice I spit it rapid with my cryptic language
Until I build my Machine, Rip spit bananas
You will become acquainted with my mystic manners
When I rhyming like this, these rappers are worth shit
Rip spit from the spirit, you better be feeling this
I don't need no help but, I turned up stoned as fuck
The mucus dried up but, tell me this poem is luck
Your girl Gertrude don't wanna have to hurt you dude (fuck you)
She better do it, i promised my servitude
If I am not myself tell me how will I see?
If I do not look bitch, then how will i be?
Searching for the ritual widow urgently
Observing me perform surgery will be the streets of New Jersey, capturing taxidermy
I put her on Cloud Nine, look at her face
A cumulus lenticularis a capsule in space

(Chorus 2X: Holocaust)
'We Are All Well Known', a mountainous microphone
An apple that came from Rome might bite and snap your bones
I'm The Holocaust, the Colossus, now the Apocalypse
Back from the territories of darkness with a gun heartless

(The Holocaust)
Down in the valley there are machines, they are Indians
Because I move a stone your jaw gets swollen, unfriendly like a Mole-Man
Dumb blotch, I never blend in, when I rhyme
You're looking at a pirate's emblem, the ghost of Humphrey Bogart
William Satire in an oil drab world, I run water in my eyes to cry
My button on the side, Long John shirt from 1805
I'm live, there is a woman she kills a rat
She lives in a house on the hillside
Jesse James was a desperado, he was shot in the back of his head
A five o'clock shadow, dirty faced clown leaves you dead
In the Gothic metropolis of the West it's Holocaustalic, I'm the best
As far as dropping it, toxic neurologist
Now of the Apocalypse, throw a gun
Some kind of a man who tried to civilize the human family throughout the populace
This is Warpath, the Green Lantern boxes out lantern jaw
With a gun, I wander the mountain side, Starman
One time my spine was broken in half like Batman
The Headless Horsemen, you flap scan
And you find yourself in a blue world and die again from a gun in my hand
You all burst into water like a bubble
A Hawaiian katana blade slaughters bookbinder cobbler
Fire is an element belonging to water

(Chorus 2X)

(The Holocaust)
The Egyptian beetles eat you scandalous on a lethal ice planet
There is a praying mantis, rap bastard shit
Scenes of Atlantis, punch you and bust your fucking bandages
I came from the dark city of Los Angeles
Actually a city built under Jack Sprat, dark monarch Thundercat
Spray you for the Taylor's valor, Dracula spear, this impaler
Red, white, blue Indian paint lightsaber

You say I'm crazy I say so, Tell me something I don't know
Something my psych profile doesn't show
I don't have all the answers I am not in the know
I can only see what is above and only from below
Substratum of reality, through the thick cloud canopy
How can it me Canibus? Answer me, bitch niggas

(The Holocaust)
Clever the man, he is a barbarian, he lives in the hillside
He thinks he will live forever, feathers in the hood
An aircraft bomber jacket made of leather
From the nether world, a bullet hurled putrid
A gun in the alternate future is my weapon that severs
But in rhyme you could never get your varsity letter
Nevertheless, dark side, interstellar

(The Holocaust)
The arsonist who has become a patriarch in the dark from arsenic
To steal a book from the market, and later burn a barn down, anarchist
The redeemer and a marksmen
You walk, 'Johnny Talk' with a gun in your back often

Dig a hole for the collateral carnage, battle the hardest
Take out Hip Hop's trash and garbage
My lyrical is chemical radioactive residue
I can't rest until I accomplished what I was sent to do
My thoughts graduated to the stars, listen to the bars

(Chorus 4X)