Rip The Jacker - The Truth Will Be Revealed (a149162536) lyrics


I procured a small piece of the collections from a former era
Dating back to when the warrior became protector
Started with woodwinds, drums, drum kit
The conductor brings the strings in, fingers trigger the trumpet
Lying Rappers are denied water
Hip Hop Justice, I scream in a revised order
Screen doors protect the motherboard core from extreme force
Extreme heat warp is what My mind saw
USA resumed PsyOps on Canibus since he did not negotiate
I eliminate my field grade steel face from the database
This lyrical pyramid, No emcee could block and tackle it
If they try , they cause an accident
Next year I'll get my master space badge,
After that I'll stop flying Worm screw elevator aircraft
Dante Alighieri's Purgatorio theory broken into storyboard scenes
Do you understand what I mean?
Rap for me reduces the gravity dramatically
Negative stress produces antigravity
Modifying the weather with a feathered quill
The woman who is there will stop you getting more ill
Hip Hop praised me, Hip Hop made me
1000 Bars nigga, after that Involuntary catalepsy
We keep fighting but forget the Earth is our home
If we destroy this gift, then where we gonna' go?
Dying for retribution
Why would you wanna blow up Mother Earth? You Stupid?
Lightening bolts stream from my mind
I'll need a volunteer, I raise my hand and I decide to redefine rhyme
They say we're small minded, I say we're divided
So Right after I said it I moved to a small island
7.83 hertz signal intelligence eminating from your mind
Intelligence on the Earth is beginning to get magnified
Peace and quiet must be equal to you shutting your mouth
Unsurprisingly, I've yet to get The John Campbell award for writing
I need to be alone in the zone,
1000 Bars comforts me like my poems
My dream was identical 8 nights in a row, I saw a window was closing
From the other side it looks like it's opening
I'm visualizing peace and quiet
I'm visualizing A good psychological environment for science
These are my waves in nonlinear optics
Time reversed my unacknowledged special access project
My equations produce Electro Cranial Stimulation,
They are inundated with information
Burn face off skeletal plate and all entry points have immigration
Plasma Ray Gun can't be one explanation
Attach your computer to the piezoelectric transducer
So that Poet Laureate can see into the future!!!
250 thousand Kilometres above the planet
The Electrical Optical Coupling Gear is not so effective
Poet Laureate infinity membership
Is not based off your raw intelligence
I will continue to enhance my creativity
Until we reach infinity
Until we reach infinity