Rip The Jacker - The Great Awakening (KG) lyrics

[Intro: Budd and Bill, Kill Bill Vol. 2]
I don't dodge guilt, and I don't Jew
out of paying my comeuppance.

Can't we just... forget the past?

That woman deserves her revenge.
And we deserve to die.
But then again so does she.
So I guess we'll just see.
Won't we?

I was told in a dream that I would reign supreme
Rippers use the Machine to create bars with my genes
Cthulhu passed the data stream with the code in between
A sideways eight wrapped around a microphone fiend
Weak rappers scream when they face the Tiger Team
The Hip Hop regime reside beneath the submarine
As odd as it may seem I'm not a human being
The unseen marine mixed this on a computer screen
The story of KG, I mix in my sleep
Chop on the streets of Liverpool and place words on the beat
I can't emcee O Lord, I take a seat when I'm bored
Poetry pours when I'm sitting down at the mixing board
My girlfriend's jealous but she accepts defeat
My daughter dance on her feet, perfectly in time with the beat
Baby makes my life purposeful, she's got beautiful green eyes
She's my love, she's my life, she's a star from the skies

[Break: Canibus Interview sample]
More so than like tryna promote the music or what I'm working on
I'm just trying to promote like the unity of Hip Hop
I think it's very necessary right now

The Poet Laureate will be mixed for infinity
The Brothers' poetry is chemistry for the divinity
The Sun provided the lighting to write lyrical law
I provided the energy, strength and hope to the poor
Shining like the North Star I spit from God's heart
At the speed of a dart, bars rip your soul apart
The myriad of battling bars are spit with iron lungs
The period of Knowledge God, my quotes roll off your tongue
I heard Hip Hop was fucking captured and punished
Poets got locked up by Rothschild's media puppets
Civilians brainwashed to be very small minded
As satellites watch to make sure we're divided
People have to combine before Hip Hop dies
Rippers use their third eyes to plot the Industry's demise
They summon Rip the Jack to bring Hip Hop back
With the power of a sun shower, they pull her out the hole that is black