Rip The Jacker - Sinister (KG) lyrics

Assemble the Gatling guns (5), at an unrelenting pace (4)
Weapons check correct (5) these pigs gotta pay (3)
Do you believe in fate? (4) seven nights in a row, (2)
I saw a sideways 8 (2 ) in a vacuum of space, (5)
The Hurricane's eye open (3) you think I'm joking (4)
Everything frozen, (4) with no place to go (5)
We got to wait it out (1) that's what it's all about (2)
We must construct a shelter (2) make sure to stay off the main route (4)
The ever expanding mind (3) hear me call names out (5)
But, it won't happen ‘til after (2) the biology biopsy (3)
The sheer size of the (1) environment for science (2)
A human being is (5) still left behind (3)
I blasted through the limestone (1) in a Zero Gravity environment (5)
Then I signalled the remaining (1) dirty grave robber, (2)
Give you a quadrillion dollars to be a (4) Ego Monster (5)
The bombing will commence (3) I think you are Godless (4)

(Chorus 2X: Holocaust)
Now I should laugh if I were not dead
Gloriously destructive the sinister monster under your bed
A store held captive by armed men, ghost of tyrants strikes
And no one is sure why scorpions glow under ultraviolet light

Emcee so badly crushed he was losing a cup of blood
With every heart beat, I gaze at the stars like the Greeks
The black heart chief, you don't wanna start beef
That's the same beef I eat, I'll become a shark reef
And attack, a misleading feeding frenzy with sharp teeth
I'm bold as a smart geek, and cold, as a dart's streak
The American Heritage dictionary, you arrogant heretics disposition tearing
Weak and obsolete, I'm very non-fiction, scary
In the desert there is a fabulous creature, the Gila Monster
It's only one of two venomous lizards in the world
And it's another mystery unsolved, how it's venom has evolved
You false rhymers know this venom has helped memory loss and Alzheimer's
We've seen misunderstood monsters but the tale of terror continues
You'll only have time to smoke a cigarette before you drop dead

(Chorus 2X)

No human mind can imagine the enormous destructive power
Of this mad and killing thing, my rhyme orbits and abducts you cowards
Star Trek, I strike a pose with a fencing sword like Mr. Sulu
If one soldier is afraid, I kill his family like Shaka Zulu
We may be witnessing the beginning of an annihilation, that could mean
More than the cleansing of riots of nations
It is one thing to flag down a truck off the coast of Mexico
But it is another when you found out that out here
We're all vampires, and we'll never let you go
And slang hands at grabbers, a man died in a slammer
Rough lyrics I kick, come back to me, like Thor's hammer

Started it on the Sabbath, I (3) eat through the (4) Planet (3)
Drawing mathematics (3) to come up with new answers (2)
The Quarantine Isolation Unit (5) within my sphere of pursuit (2)
viable style it's like (3) the work of Dr. Fritz Albert (5)
If the prototype works (5) placed next to a kettle (4)
I'll have to get a new plane (5) for me to connect with you (2)
Creatively I have never been (5) a Patriot or a Pagan (3)
First I'll put you in a sideways (5) 64 with Daytons (3)

(Chorus 2X)