Rip The Jacker - In The Zone (Shan51, KG) lyrics

Assigned to rhyme and spit some Mic-Nificent shit
I'll beat your bitch to death with my producer's drum kit
My rhymes dissolve your eyes until you decide to die
I'll be drinking wine in Dubai as you fly to the sky
The rainbow, I was told, would hold a pot of gold
The only question is will I still be searching when I'm old
I can't wait for the date that the Cosmonauts will come
In the spaceship to the Third Rock from the Sun
If we save the Cheerleader we will save the world
But my mind-reader said to wait to see what unfurls
Why did Germany try to murder all of the Yiddish?
A good job they lost World War II to the British
Roman soldiers stampede you with their fast chariot
If you survive it I will catch you with my lariat
Then I'll punish the media pundit with emanating energy
Then I altered his mind with pulsating poetry

The professor told me about the Matrix Singularity
And said in 2012 we will need shared tranquillity
We must take action and go through a transition
Change is required to enhance our composition
Cos I don't want to be alone when we reach the end
Fuck ending up like Will Smith in 'I Am Legend'
Rapid change is beginning in the material world
It's spinning out of control until your head whirl
We have to survive and this might be quite strange
But spiritual consciousness will protect us from the change
Money feeds your body but gives man the power to control
Spiritual intelligence is food for my soul
In this time of need don't worship the pastor
To prepare for disaster study your Spiritual Master
We gotta learn to love one another like we was brothers
And rebuild a world that is like no other